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Exhibition: The End of Money

Witte de With
Center for Contemporary Art
Witte de Withstraat 50
3012 BR Rotterdam
The Netherlands

Witte de With is pleased to present two events in May: The opening of the group exhibition The End of Money and the first two lectures in the series To Tell The Truth.

Group exhibition
22 May–7 August 2011

Saturday 21 May 2011 (6 to 9 pm)
Performance by Goldin+Senneby at 7 pm

Film Screening
Sunday 26 June 2011 (12 to 6 pm)

The End of Money is a group exhibition about time and value. Bringing together works by a host of international artists, this exhibition reflects upon the fears, hopes, and expectations associated with the end of money and its ominous consequence: the dissolution of an absolute standard of value.

What limits does the economy impose on our collective imagination, and how is the collective imagination responsible for the current economy? The End of Money focuses on the multiple relationships that could and those that should exist between culture and economy. Informing this curatorial project is the utopian notion that, in a world without money—a world where money has been factored out of the collective memory, other suppressed forms of value may emerge, leading to another social bond and a different relationship to time.

The works included in The End of Money range from reflections on the arbitrary ways in which value is ascribed to things to explorations of the absolute loss of representative value. Some of the featured works highlight time, which is a persistent corollary of money in our efficiency-obsessed culture.

Alexander Apostol; Pierre Bismuth; Peter Fischli & David Weiss; Zachary Formwalt; Goldin+Senneby; Hadley+Maxwell; Toril Johannessen; Vishal Jugdeo; Agnieszka Kurant; Matts Leiderstam; Maha Maamoun; Christodoulos Panayiotou; Lili Reynaud-Dewar; Tomas Saraceno; Tonel; Vangelis Vlahos; and Lawrence Weiner.

Curated by
Juan A. Gaitán; assisted by Amira Gad.

To accompany the exhibition, a digital publication will be made available for free download via http://www.wdw.nl in July 2011 and will feature texts by: Dessislava Dimova, Donatien Grau, Dieter Roelstraete, and Carolina Sanin.

• Every Wednesday and Sunday, 3 pm: tours for individuals in English or Dutch. Free excluding exhibition entry price. No reservation necessary.
• Tours are available for groups of 10 to 15 people. reservations@wdw.nl

Witte de With Education offers ‘art confrontations,’ interactive tours for schools and universities. reservations@wdw.nl

Supported by
OCA, Pro Helvetia: Swiss Arts Council, Cypriot Ministry of Education & Culture. With thanks to the Fonds BKVB.

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Workshop w/ Jennie Savage 15.08.09 @ Volume






Nutopia workshop w/ Jennie Savage
August 15th, 2009@ Volume, 3pm

As cities become architecturally homogenised, “Nutopia” will ask, “What and where are our new Utopias?”

“Nutopia” follows a symposium of the same name organised by Jennie Savage as part of her project “The Arcades Project: A 3D Documentary” (www.arcadesproject.org). This workshop/ event proposes to develop and extend her investigation referencing ideas raised during the symposium and inviting people to work together collectively in a workshop style format to ask; what could be the “Utopia’s” of the 21c, how do we find them in architectural environments and potentially to critique the very idea of Utopian dreaming and suggest alternative terms or references.

The event will invite people to explore and question the idea that city centres are constructed as spaces of consumption and designed as areas with potential for economic growth; the redevelopment and ownership of cities by global corporations; the language of regeneration – place as a perceptual landscape informed by linguistic architecture; tensions between resistance and commodification and the possibility to reclaim cities and make visible non-economic exchange as a valuable part of our lives and communities.

During the event we will try to bring together, suggest and develop ideas and practices which may help to reclaim these spaces as human places.

Jennie Savage is an artist whose work explores the places between public spaces, town planning, constructed landscapes and the human story; the lived lives and personal narratives connected to those sites. Working through a process that uses archiving and intervention she seeks to map the other life of a place or community in order to reveal a complex situation, a micro- structure or simply document an unheard voice. She has worked extensively in the UK and internationally.


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