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Sound of Ebb: Blue screen of Death

Name: Margarita Angel
Location: Cali, Colombia
Link: /

Title: Blue screen of Death
An error of the system? A bug inside? when did it start? it’s the actual government or it comes from the past?
it is a matter of memory, blank memory, it seems that we don’t really want see or hear.
A little echo just pass almost imperceptible and still reminds
the country has more than 50 years of war, a fight of sides where the people seems not to care, people that hold an economy of war, hopping some day more investments for study, social security, and health. They believe that the new upcoming politician will accomplished his promises.
Now our neighbour has freeze all diplomatic relations, no commerce between the two countries.
capitalism, socialism or communism? whatever they are, their real interests are themselves, not the people.

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Sound of Ebb: Economicrisis

Name: NicolaBogo
Location: Italy

Title: “economicrisis”
the feeling of loss and of misunderstanding on 9 overlapping voices of the first ministers of the 8 major countries and the President of the European Union talking about the NEW global crisis (every speech is taken from registration of the recent G8 or the World Economic Forum). so many words that no one can understand the sense.

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Sound of Ebb: Torquay Is Closed

Name: Martin Bizarro
Location: Torquay, England

Title: Torquay is Closed
Description: This is Torquay on the south coast of England. I wandered around a couple of shopping arcades noting what was closed or struggling. The sound quality isn’t very good – I was speaking into the microphone on my camera.

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Sound of Ebb: [Track Diablo] Lengua local 1: apropiación / remix

Name: Rainer Krause
Lokation: Santiago de Chile

Titel: [Track Diablo] Lengua local 1: apropiación / remix

12 personas con diferentes lenguas maternas leen una frase corta en la lengua de los Qawasqar, pueblo indígena del sur de Chile en peligro de desaparición. El texto se refiere a la aparición del diablo durante el sueño. (Parte de la banda sonora de la instalación “Lengua local 1)

12 persons with different mother tongues read a short phrase in the language of the Qawasqar, people indigenous to the south of Chile in disappearance danger. The text refers to the appearance of the devil during sleep. (Part of the sound-track of the installation “Local language 1)

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Sound of Ebb: sack round the freezing tree

Name: sean burn
Location: tyneside, northern england
Link: /

Title: sack round the freezing tree
a response to the tumultuous events in london this spring at the time of the g20 meeting/protests and very much inspired by brechts poem spring 1938. while not comparing our times to the coming world war that brecht wrote about we are nevertheless all losers in the invididious if subtle war currently taking place against our environments, our economies and our freedoms

Licenced under the Creative Commons Attribution-Non-Commercial-Share Alike 2.0 UK: England & Wales Licence. (i.e. only the non-commercial bit is different)

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Sound of Ebb: A,a,a,a,

Name: David Perry
Location: London SE1

Title: A,a,a,a,

All the chat in the media by talking heads starts to sound like this to me.

As you hear the industrial activity recessing the talking is just the same old same old

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Sound of Ebb: deb(e)atEs

Name: Dario Lazzaretto
Location: Padova, Italy
Link: /

Title: ” deb(e)atEs ”
What happens in Italy, where every political party seems to deny this global crisis.

Left and Right of the parliament speak of exactly the same things, and don’t propose any changes at all.

This is not a political work, but just an observation. Mp3 is a popular and fast format, easy to transmit.

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