The End of Something.. A collection of reflections on the Global Crisis
31 July – 30 August 2009
Volume: 114-116 Amersham Vale, Deptford Police Station, London SE14 6LG
Opening hours: 12-5pm (Fri-Sun)

Schedule of Events

Launch Event
July 31st (Fri) @ Volume, 7pm-11pm
Screening: Big Willow Eco Camp in Crystal Palace south London by Stefan Szczelkun and Thomas Zagrosek (8pm)

Stuff.Swap – on-going throughout the month @ Volume: Bring your stuff to swap! Bring objects, clothes, toys and things to exchange with another for Free!

Workshop 1: Images of Ebb workshop
w/ Adnan Hadzi (Deptford TV) + Rob Canning (GOTO10)
August 1st (Sat)
@ Deckspace medialab, 3pm
To reserve a place, please RSVP with phone number to: a.hadzi(a) (limited space!)

The Images of Ebb workshop will introduce participants to Sousveillance and CCTV filmmaking where material and images from the Deptford.TV archive will be edited to submissions from Sounds of Ebb.

Footage taken from Deptford.TV was filmed during a previous TV hacking workshop where participants equipped with CCTV surveillance signal receivers were lead through the city by incoming surveillance camera signals. CCTV video signal receivers cached surveillance camera signals into public and private spaces and were made visible: surveillance became sousveillance.

By making images visible which normally remain hidden, we gain access to the “surveillance from above” enabling us to use these images to create personal narratives of the city. The Images of Ebb workshop will look at constructing a narrative to the Sounds of Ebb.

Sound of Ebb (a branch project of The End of Something) is an open source sound series that asks sound artists and artists working with sound to respond to the question: What is the sound of Recession? Contributions are collected internationally reflecting the affects of crisis and recession from various social contexts and geographic locations. Together the Sounds of Ebb and images from Sousveillance produce articulations of a local city in crisis with global resonances of recession.

Deptford.TV is a research project on collaborative film – initiated by Adnan Hadzi in collaboration with the Deckspace media lab, Bitnik media collective, Boundless project, Liquid Culture initiative, and Goldsmiths College.

It is an online media database documenting the urban change of Deptford, in Sout East London. Deptford TV functions as an open, collaborative platform that allows artists, filmmakers and people living and working around Deptford to store, share, re-edit and redistribute the documentation of Deptford.

GOTO10 is a collective of international artists and programmers, dedicated to Free/Libre/Open Source Software (FLOSS) and digital arts. GOTO10 aims to support and grow digital art projects and tools for artistic creation, located on the blurry line between software programming and art.

** Unfortunately due to bad weather and timing, this event has been cancelled
Workshop 2: The Beginning of the End of the World Game
w/ The People Speak
August 6th (Thu)
@ Volume, 8-10pm
Please RSVP at: (limited space!)
Remote participants please join us 20:00GMT at

Workshop 3: Nutopia workshop w/ Jennie Savage
August 15th (Sat)
@ Volume, 3pm
Please RSVP at:

As cities become architecturally homogenised, “Nutopia” will ask, “What and where are our new Utopias?”

“Nutopia” follows a symposium of the same name organised by Jennie Savage as part of her project “The Arcades Project: A 3D Documentary” ( This workshop/ event proposes to develop and extend her investigation referencing ideas raised during the symposium and inviting people to work together collectively in a workshop style format to ask; what could be the “Utopia’s” of the 21c, how do we find them in architectural environments and potentially to critique the very idea of Utopian dreaming and suggest alternative terms or references.

The event will invite people to explore and question the idea that city centres are constructed as spaces of consumption and designed as areas with potential for economic growth; the redevelopment and ownership of cities by global corporations; the language of regeneration – place as a perceptual landscape informed by linguistic architecture; tensions between resistance and commodification and the possibility to reclaim cities and make visible non-economic exchange as a valuable part of our lives and communities.

During the event we will try to bring together, suggest and develop ideas and practices which may help to reclaim these spaces as human places.

Jennie Savage is an artist whose work explores the places between public spaces, town planning, constructed landscapes and the human story; the lived lives and personal narratives connected to those sites. Working through a process that uses archiving and intervention she seeks to map the other life of a place or community in order to reveal a complex situation, a micro- structure or simply document an unheard voice. She has worked extensively in the UK and internationally.

Workshop 4: Self Evacuation for Londoners
w/ Caspar Below (independent artist)
August 28th
@ Volume, 8pm
** Closing event as part of Dirty Cop Social @ the Old Police Station
Please RSVP at:

Self-Evacuation for Londoners
In his presentation and workshop on self-evacuation for Londoners, Caspar Below will try to find out whether there are alternatives to authority-led evacuations in urban emergencies.

In his brief presentation Caspar will give examples of urban evacuations in recent history and outline the current plans for London.

This will be followed by a workshop where we will discuss different scenarios for London, as well as the option to take evacuation into our own hands. Time permitting we will carry out some practical exercises.

Caspar Below is an artist with an explorative interest in local histories, urban fault lines and relationships between communities and hierarchies.

Previous projects have involved audiences in re-enacting crowd control, finding new parent memories for orphaned family photos and answering a multitude of enquiries via text message as the SMS Oracle.

He set up pirate radio broadcasts in a Northern Irish village and used secret filming to map the no-go “aura” of governmental buildings by stepping into its sensitive zones. More recently he collected bad advice and disposed of them in a series of cleansing rituals.

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