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Sound of Ebb is an open source sound series that calls for reflection on the global crisis by sound artists and artists working with sound to respond to the question:

What is the sound of Recession?

Artists are asked to create a work or sound recording that responds to the current economic, social and political climate. Pieces can be field recordings, compositions, radio plays, soundscapes, or even songs and pieces of music.. etc. They can be conceptual, personal, critical, creative or interpretive.

A moment of recession remarks a deceleration and slowing down – opening up to a space for reflection. When a tide recedes into a breathe of idleness, it leaves a moment for contemplation and listening to the sounds of the Self, of Others and the Environment. In a state of lull is there opportunity forge new values, forms of solidarity, closer familial ties, and explore healthier modes of consumption? Is there value within a moment of quietude and reflection to explore new possibilities for the future?

Sound of Ebb is an open project for contribution and interpretation. All works will be uploaded to online for free listening and sharing. Selected submissions will be exhibited and distributed in a free downloadable compilation by LOUDSPKR and Sound and Music. Please specify any terms of usage or creative licensing you would like to apply. i.e. Creative Commons or other similar free cultural license. Sound of Ebb is a branch project of The End of Something.. A collection of reflections on the global crisis.

Works should be, but not restricted to 30 seconds to five minutes in length and a response to your social/geographic context in relation to the crisis. Submissions can be collaborative or individual.

Please include your:

Link to your work: (optional)
Title and description of work:
Work: (in ogg, aiff, mp3 or wav file formats)

Please email submissions to:
Audio files can be sent via or

Early deadline July 31st, 2009 – submissions received before this date will be exhibited and shown at Volume in London UK throughout August.

Final deadline August 31st, 2009 – All submissions submitted before this date will be considered for the curated compilation. Submissions will continue to be accepted following the deadline for contribution to the archive.

Click here to view all contributions so far:

Sound and Music is an arts organisation that supports innovative practice in contemporary music and sound. From sharing information at our website, to a full programme of live events and commissioned activity, we raise the profile of contemporary music and sound in its cultural context, to build support and audiences for new work in the UK.

Creative Commons License
Unless otherwise indicated, the content of this project: Sound of Ebb by LOUDSPKR is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 UK: England & Wales License.

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