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Article: What Now for the Arts in the Economic Downturn?

Arts and Business, London

“On the 18 September 2008, The Financial Times published an article highlighting that arts sponsorship budgets are relatively safe in the short term but the longer term picture is troubling.  This piece was based on a survey of businesses conducted by Arts & Business in August this year.

If you would like a snapshot of the results then please click here. If you want an in-depth analysis of the survey results, download A&B’s research on Business Investment in Culture Trends 2008 – Will the credit crunch affect this? (PDF 715KB) *Please note, this research was conducted in August 2008, before the collapse of the Lehman Brothers, the Iceland Banks and other indicators of the financial crisis unravelling in the UK and internationally.”


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Exhibition: The Prehistory of the Crisis (2)

The Prehistory of the Crisis (2)
Susanne Bosch, Anthony Haughey, Daniel Jewesbury and Sinéad McCann
Curated by Tessa Giblin, with Monica Nunez

Project Arts Centre, Dublin
July 3 – August 15

Belfast Exposed Photography, Belfast

July 2 – August 7

“Project Arts Centre and Belfast Exposed have invited four artists with a common interest in the complexities of multi-cultural living to make new work for The Prehistory of the Crisis (2). This exhibition commissions and brings together Susanne Bosch, Anthony Haughey, Daniel Jewesbury and Sinéad McCann at a time in history when economic recession underscores every cultural and artistic event taking place in Ireland, North and South. This situation is not just symptomatic of the recession that has hit many globalised economies since 2008. Ireland’s recession brings with it one of the most pronounced changes in fortune, and significantly, Ireland’s first major drop in productivity since the boom days – the swan-song of the Celtic Tiger. For Northern Ireland the credit squeeze, compounded by cuts in public spending, threaten the unfinished work of economic and social regeneration promised by the peace process.

Many migrant workers have left Ireland in recent months and with imminent changes to the eligibility for new work permits coming into effect across both jurisdictions, many more non-EEA citizens will be denied the right to work, forcing them to leave the country. The Prehistory of the Crisis (2) situates itself in a moment when the idea of crisis is twofold: while the term is strongly associated with the impact of economic recession, the cultural crisis which might or might not emerge is bound to be characterised by a relationship to ‘the other’.”

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Film: Crisis in the Credit System

Crisis in the Credit System
by Melanie Gilligan

commissioned by Art Angel, October 2008

“Crisis in the Credit System is a fictional foray into contemporary global market catastrophe, scripted and directed by artist Melanie Gilligan. A major investment bank runs a brainstorming and role-playing session for its employees, asking them to come up with strategies for coping with today’s dangerous financial climate. While diligently pursuing this task, five individuals inadvertently role-play their way into bizarre make-believe scenarios forming disturbing conclusions about the deeper significance of the credit crisis and its effects beyond the world of finance.”



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