The End of Something..
A collection of reflections on the Global Crisis

Summer 2009

The End of Something is a critical archival project that aims create a platform for reflection on the global crisis. During August 2009, LOUDSPKR in collaboration with Volume will embark on an on-going process of accumulation to build up an archive of personal, critical and creative reflections from a local and international community. Located in the former ‘Archive Room’ of a police station, Volume will become once again a bureau and repository for information. The archive exists both online in a ‘digital archive’ and in a physical archive at Volume.

Archives traditionally serve a bureaucratic function of the state to store and keep records of citizens and events that produce a static and grand narrative of history and the country. Information that enters the archive is highly controlled and remains close to the public. As an ‘open archive’, The End of Something invites visitors to ‘dig in’, excavate and explore as well as contribute their own reflections, experiences and opinions. Open to varied contributions and perspectives globally via the Internet, the project works to challenge larger notions of ‘recession’ generated by the media and the nation state. As a provisional space, the archive is perpetually incomplete and flawed. It, however, offers a space for dialogue and critical reflection on notions of crises that demand urgency as it increasingly seeps into our everyday. Through events, workshops and talks, the public will be engaged in processes of creating and imagining new narratives and understandings of a rather complex time.

The Archive Room at Volume is an evolving space that changes shape as contributions are made and events take place. As a collection of texts/books, objects, artworks, films and sounds, The End of Something is an archive of artifacts of the present that produce a multitude of reflections on the recent past to explore configurations of new possible futures.

Have something to contribute? Please get in touch: teos.project@gmail.com

LOUDSPKR is a test-grounds and platform for experimental music/sound, media art, film/video, performance and multi-disciplinary arts. Through events, exhibitions, and artistic and curatorial projects, LOUDSPKR explores possibilities within collaboration, cultural production and critical arts practice. http://www.loudspkr.org

Volume is an independent collective of curators and artists based in New Cross, South East London. Volume provides opportunities for artists, designers, musicians and writers to research and develop their practice in the capital. We support both emerging and established practitioners, working across art forms and sectors. Volume prioritises the working process, dialogue and critical debate as an ongoing cycle.

Volume supports both emerging and established practitioners, working across art forms and sectors and prioritises the working process, dialogue and critical debate as an ongoing cycle. Through the residency programme, Volume provides access directly to the practitioner in the studio, facilitating engagement with their peers and the public early on in the creative process.

The events programme brings people together to meet, socialise and participate in contemporary art and culture in an informal and familiar setting. http://www.volumeprojects.com

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