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Publication/article: Text Zur Kunst Issue No. 74


The current issue of “Texte zur Kunst” gathers contributions from art historians, critics, artists, and curators under the programmatic title “13 Theses on Contemporary Art” – each attempts to outline the parameters, phenomena and trends with a normative claim in the field of contemporary art that are crucial for their respective current projects. The crisis in the finance market and its gradual effect on the so-called “real economy,” or the provisional end of the “boom” in contemporary art are everywhere associated with the ominous hope that it is “finally” once more all about “content.” But what is this much-lauded content that is supposedly able to resist every crisis? What is at stake “after the crisis” for various actors in the art field? How does their perspective change? Or can it still be business as usual? It is thus the present situation, in which more or less well-founded existential anxieties intermix with diffuse hopes for a return of “fixed values” that has been the inspiration to gather findings on the current state; these are inevitably particular and unfinished, but they are all the more significant for it.

Plus reviews from New York, London, Berlin, Vienna, Gent, Batimore, Basel, Cologne, Munich, Bonn and Aachen

10243 BERLIN

TEL +49 (0)30 – 30 10 453 45
FAX +49 (0)30 – 30 10 453 44


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Digital Archive

The End of Something is a critical archival project that brings together reflections, ideas, and experiences of the global crisis from varied perspectives and opinions. It is a project that attempts to approach an idea of a rather complex time. TEOS is a digital archive as well as physical archive (situated at Volume, in South East London) for Summer 2009. This site is serves as the Digital Archive where contents will be updated and available.

HOW TO USE: To use the site use the Search (on the right hand column) or the Categories and Tags to view materials in the archive. The archive has been organized by object (articles, links, film/video, images..) and by Subject and by Location (all countries + London). Contributions are blogged as we receive them.

Contributions for Sound of Ebb can be view here: https://theendofsomething.wordpress.com/category/sound-of-ebb/

Call for Contribution !

*** Tell a story or anecdote or take a photo about the changes you notice in everyday life and people within your social context in light of the current crisis. *** please indicate your name, geographic location and send responses to: teos.project (a) gmail.com

  • If the World came to an end how would you imagine picking up the pieces and starting over?
  • What is the best thing about having less work, less money and more time? How would you best spend your (Free) time?

We are open for contribution for:
1. Personal reflections/stories (or responses to the above questions)
2. Web links to articles/texts, documents/publications/press releases/statements for film/artworks or events/exhibitions/conferences on the global crisis

All submissions will be uploaded to online and exhibited at Volume during August 2009. The End of Something is a non-profit independent initiative.

Please email responses to: teos.project@gmail.com
Include your name, location and details/description of the submission. If you are submitting any personal creative content, please specify if you have any terms of usage or creative license you would like to apply. i.e. Creative Commons

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