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Exhibition/Project: Open Sailing

Open Sailing
London, UK

“We are building a floating architecture that evolves like a living organism, a laboratory for techno-social experiments.

“Open_Sailing” aims to design an attractive technological lifestyle to overcome any possible natural and man-made disaster, stimulating people’s ingenuity and sense of solidarity. Be it overpopulation, global warming or energy conflicts, we are living in a time where “Apocalypse” beckons. We need to collectively invent and spread bootstrapping DIY technologies for the forthcoming challenges, not only to survive but to re-invent how we inhabit this planet.

We are trying to create a truly “Open_Architecture”. This is a drifting village of solid and comfortable shelters surrounded by flexible ocean farming units : fluid, pre-broken, reconfigurable, sustainable, pluggable, organic and instinctive. The Open_Sailing_01 is about 50 m in diameter, for 4 persons.

In the process we are developing and testing numerous novel technologies, such as “Instinctive_Architecture”, “Energy_Animal”, and “Life_Cable” within an innovative nomadic ecosystem. The “Swarm_Search_Engine” is a distributed operating system that suggests a general safest location and a form for the overall structure that constantly reconfigures itself in order to provide intelligent distribution of supplies, energy and information. Open_Sailing aims to ask questions about the way we currently inhabit our planet. Can we reach a harmonious dynamic state of interdependence with each other and the earth? Is this the next step for civilization? Will we disassociate our concept of progress with rigid infrastructure and metropolis?”


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Event: World-Information City / Paris

World-Information City / Paris
Urban In/visibility, Access and Zoning

Conference: 30/31 May 2009

Speaker: John Urry from Centre for Mobilities Research, Lancaster University

Mobility Futures
“This paper examines a range of future possible scenarios as to the character, scale and significance of mobility patterns. These scenarios are examined within an emerging era which may well be characterized by dramatic climate change, the peaking of oil supplies and potential tipping points. The paper will address the question as to whether the period of high and growing mobility especially during the C20th was actually only a brief interlude in the longer term processes of human history.”






photos submitted by: Nicolas Sauret

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