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Art: Surround Me by Susan Philipsz

At the weekends an eerie quiet descends on the City of London, in offices, squares, churchyards and streets, broken by the occasional sound of traffic and church bells. The silence of the city has inspired artist Susan Philipsz’s first commission in the capital. Her unaccompanied voice resonates through empty streets around the Bank of England, across postwar walkways and medieval alleyways and along the banks of the River Thames.

SURROUND ME: A Song Cycle for the City of London takes inspiration from the heightened presence of the human voice in Elizabethan London. To be heard over one another a natural order and harmony evolved in the cries of the street traders which enthused composers of popular song such as Thomas Ravenscroft to write canons where one voice follows the other in a round. Another popular song form for several voices, the madrigal emerged in Italy in the 16th Century and soon travelled to England where it flowered as the English Madrigal School.

SURROUND ME embraces the vocal traditions of the City of London connecting themes of love and loss with those of fluidity, circulation and immersion; the flood of tears, the swelling tide and the ebb and flow of the river, to convey a poignant sense of absence and loss in the contemporary City of London.

Susan Philipsz has been nominated for the Turner Prize 2010 for Lowlands, a work installed under three bridges beside the River Clyde in Glasgow. Her work is in the Turner Prize exhibition at Tate Britain, 5 October 2010 – 3 January 2011.

This project is supported by Arts Council England, Special Angels and The Company of Angels.

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Sound of Ebb: Fragments and Ruins (excerpt)

Name: Andy Skelton
Location: Nottingham, UK

Title: Fragments and Ruins (excerpt)

Description: In reflecting on the recession, I have applied a reductive and/or recessive technique to my trumpet playing. Rather like the Global Financiers, the consequences of my actions are barely there.

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Name: Fabio Coruzzi
Location: London

[My name is Fabio Coruzzi , London based artist/printmaker, this is the sound of Recession that I want to submit. The only problem, it’s the file, I don’t know how to convert on AIFF or WAV format. The format I submitted plays on quicktime software. It has been recorded from a hidden mobile phone, it was the only available device because I was in the middle of nowhere in South Italy, in a 30 inhabitants village with no internet or phones..]

The sound of recession came up in a hot afternoon , in the middle of an Italian summer,.

Outside were 42 degrees and people were trying to relax and think about the nothingness, I was reading a newspaper, it was talking about recession and economic downturn. Just words after words, adding shambles to global chaos.

While I was thinking about in what kind of boat the world will sink,a friend of mine, a carpenter, decided that was it. He said: I don’t give a damn about, I don’t even know what you are talking about, I am just a worker with the a level, nothing more, you know what? I’ll go to have a shower to refresh myself and take a nap afterwards.

So I went to record his “indifference” about this world made of numbers, theories and phobias. He was incarnating the common sense through the hot environment of South Italy. He was singing while taking shower, because singing brings good mood and optimism…..

That was the sound of recession, a big interrupting noise followed by singing songs under a refreshing shower.

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Sound of Ebb: in situ

Name: Hugo Filipe Rodrigues Paquete
Location: Porto, Portugal
Link: / /

Hugo Paquete laptop sound experimentalist constructing the boundaries of sound and perception with the target of constructing sound experiments in relation with the architectural environment and spacial characteristics. Sound as art. Hugo Paquete has making a research in visual arts and sound installation, exploring the complex relation between the man and the Real and its paradigms of language, perception and technology. Its workmanships carry-in the ones for a language purified and synthesized codes with the objective to portray an aesthetic of mental landscapes, trying a conceptualist relation with the objects. Where from the logic we reach the abstraction. Sound art In general in the sound installation I explore a very minimalist process of representation in some of my work I don’t use any image support, because I want explore the creative power of the sound situation, which I construct for some exact spaces. Exploring with frequencies that are the visual representation of the sound and the waves that are the physic part of the sound constructing the physically and psychological art experience. With this visual emptiness I want manifest a resistance to the free image word of the contemporary media society, making a introspection that goes directly to the perceptive system headed for explore the imaginative dimension of the visual images, exploring the process when the receptor use is visual knowledge to appreciate the work and give a visual and sound suggestion to the represented concept. Following this process I Denney the image in some of my work and I tray raise an ambiance that is propitious to the reflexive process of thinking in the visual interpretation of the sound, is like experimenting a mystic situation of the mental labour. With the objective of demonstrating the multiplicity of interpretation and concepts in art. In my work I explore concepts that go from the reality to the abstractive elements from exploring their symbolic dimension and the form that we recognize them in there spatial and cognitive dimension. The importance of this research is the sound situations that I construct exploring concepts about perception and space knowledge and the boundaries about the human perception and art that are fundamental to the perceptive theories that are important to the understanding of the visual world that surround us with all the divergent information. My sound work is a contribution to the perceptive theories and to the organisation and understanding of the visual and sound phenomenology’s, exploring the human aesthetic, and the contemporary universes of the media.

Title: (in situ)
year: 2009, duration: 00:04:22

Hugo Paquete is developing a exploration in the visual arts and sound installation, exploring the complex relation between the man and the Reality and there paradigms of language, perception and technology.

Since 2001 I have been working on an expanded concept of sound space and communication not only incorporating space according to its spatial characteristics in the narrow sense (acoustic, architectonic, sculptural, perspective, communicative and ambient).

Beyond this my installation works conceive of space in its site-specificity, usually existing in several layers: a social layer, the communicative between emission and reception, a situational layer exploring the concept of understanding of the reality and perception.

This concept of space is thus not limited to interior spaces and architectonic-formal relationships, a position which naturally also defines my working methods: only subjective, on-site research fields explore from concrete sound the understanding of that sounds out of the spatial contest.

In some installations I explore this concept with several sound speakers and players giving different sound signal to the space to construct a more complex situation according with the conceptual explanation of the communicative space interception and brain selective information.

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Sound of Ebb: Still a Difficult Time

Name: Katie McMurran
Location: South Pasadena, CA, USA

Title: Still a Difficult Time
This piece is about what we know now in comparison to what we were told then.

Michael Chick, voice
Bush clips from Reuters News

Wind Sound by audible-edge (
Winter wind whistling through window.mp3 (

TV Static Sound by NoiseCollector (
tvstatic.wav (

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Sound of Ebb: Corner

Name: Mario de Vega
Location: Berlin, Germany

Title: Corner
Description: Broken glass. Field recording made at Commercial & Dupont St corner in Greenpoint, NY.

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Sound of Ebb: Recession song

Name: Juha Valkeapää
Location: Helsinki, Finland

Title: “Recession song”
In my house they are renovating pipes. Lots of drilling just on the other side of the wall. The state of Finland tries to calm down current economical situation by supporting projects of renovation and construction. I guess, that my “Recession song” could push you to move.

License: Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 1.0 Finland License

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Sound of Ebb: Crisis, What Crisis?

Name: Carl Max
Location: London, UK.
Title: Crisis – What Crisis?
Year created: 2009
Creative Commons license: Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0

There is an old Buddhist adage that says;
“Before great good, comes great evil”
The impetus for creating this piece are the conflicting voices and sounds of the media (radio/TV/newspapers), and metropolitan life during this recessionary period.

I was also interested in the confusion between certain news bulletins, human anger, individual hopelessness and the confused cacophony emanating from city streets in England and in The USA.

The contrast between the sounds of impending doom coupled with an underlying sense of a potentially positive future are melancholic, strong and sometimes even funny.

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Sound of Ebb: dressler

Name: élansson and H.O.P.E.
Location: Athens – Greece, Metropolitana de Santiago Chile

Title: dressler

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Sound of Ebb: bubbles (above- and sub-surface)

Name: Melissa Grey
Location: NY, NY

Title: bubbles (above- and sub-surface)
Duration: 1:04
Year created: 2009
License: No restrictions on usage

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