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Exhibition/Event: Test_Lab: What Crisis?!

Test_Lab: What Crisis?!
9 July 2009
V2 – Institute for the Unstable Media
Rotterdam, Netherlands

Featuring: David Hahlbrock (DE) Academy of Media Arts Cologne, Cesar Harada (FR/JP), Dot Mancando (TH), Thomas Thwaites (UK) Royal College of Art, Sander Veenhof (NL) Gerrit Rietveld Academy.
Opening: Mieke Gerritzen
Respondent: Koert van Mensvoort
Performance: TokTek vs VJ MNK

“Newspaper headlines report that our world is in crisis, but while the front page illustrates how bad the global situation is, a few pages down, positive tongues claim that the current global crisis provides us with unprecedented opportunities for creative technological innovation, social transformation, revisions of financial systems, environmental change, and entrepreneurship. But did we really need this crisis to generate these opportunities?! We think not. Our world is continuously in crisis, and therefore constantly requires critical reflection and rethinking. However, as the world’s future is said to be in the hands of the truly creative and critical thinkers, we are more than willing to soothe away any worries about the crisis by revealing a whole new generation of artists’ and designers’ views on the current state of affairs.

While elsewhere the crisis is being tackled by young scientists, policy makers, and entrepreneurs, through initiatives such as think tanks and campaigns, in this edition of Test_Lab, V2_ will create its own special think tank for young artists to address issues of a world in crisis with artistic reflection and creative vision. In order to do so, V2_ has made a selection of several outstanding graduation projects from this past academic year, that were proposed for the program by teachers and coordinators from various European art and design academies. The demonstrated works will lay out a young generation’s artistic view on our current conditions and ways of living: Featuring a truly objective coin-flipper, a revolutionary strategy for urban gardening, the first ever open source international ocean station, toast from a toaster made from scratch, and an interactively controlled greenhouse for growing graduation bouquets.”

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Sound of Ebb: Corner

Name: Mario de Vega
Location: Berlin, Germany

Title: Corner
Description: Broken glass. Field recording made at Commercial & Dupont St corner in Greenpoint, NY.

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Sound of Ebb: Recession song

Name: Juha Valkeapää
Location: Helsinki, Finland

Title: “Recession song”
In my house they are renovating pipes. Lots of drilling just on the other side of the wall. The state of Finland tries to calm down current economical situation by supporting projects of renovation and construction. I guess, that my “Recession song” could push you to move.

License: Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 1.0 Finland License

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Sound of Ebb: Crisis, What Crisis?

Name: Carl Max
Location: London, UK.
Title: Crisis – What Crisis?
Year created: 2009
Creative Commons license: Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0

There is an old Buddhist adage that says;
“Before great good, comes great evil”
The impetus for creating this piece are the conflicting voices and sounds of the media (radio/TV/newspapers), and metropolitan life during this recessionary period.

I was also interested in the confusion between certain news bulletins, human anger, individual hopelessness and the confused cacophony emanating from city streets in England and in The USA.

The contrast between the sounds of impending doom coupled with an underlying sense of a potentially positive future are melancholic, strong and sometimes even funny.

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Sound of Ebb: dressler

Name: élansson and H.O.P.E.
Location: Athens – Greece, Metropolitana de Santiago Chile

Title: dressler

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Event: CHANCES OF CRISIS – movements out of an unstable field

CHANCES OF CRISIS – movements out of an unstable field
Berlin, Germany

am Mittwoch, 26.08.2009 und Donnerstag 27.08.2009
jeweils 16 – 22 Uhr
in den arttransponder, Brunnenstraße 151, 10115 Berlin

The effects of the financial crisis on the field of art, including its production and circulation within art institutions, have already left visible traces on an already economically unstable field which is characterized by precarious working conditions for artists. Many project spaces, art initiatives, art projects and galleries are experiencing restructurings, major financial difficulties and closure. Incentives (here I mean grants and project sponsoring), mainly for small or non for profit organizations have been cut back, frozen or been linked to specific conditions for support. International projects have been affected as well. Confirmed project plans with signed contracts, guided with the commitments of financial support from German foundations are being canceled without any further notice.


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Article: UK Recession Ends as Confidence Grows

UK Recession Ends as Confidence Grows
By James Moore and David Prosser
The Independent, UK
August 24, 2009

A new study from British accountancy group reports the biggest rise in business confidence in two years and predicts a return to growth in the third quarter

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