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Event: CHANCES OF CRISIS – movements out of an unstable field

CHANCES OF CRISIS – movements out of an unstable field
Berlin, Germany

am Mittwoch, 26.08.2009 und Donnerstag 27.08.2009
jeweils 16 – 22 Uhr
in den arttransponder, Brunnenstraße 151, 10115 Berlin

The effects of the financial crisis on the field of art, including its production and circulation within art institutions, have already left visible traces on an already economically unstable field which is characterized by precarious working conditions for artists. Many project spaces, art initiatives, art projects and galleries are experiencing restructurings, major financial difficulties and closure. Incentives (here I mean grants and project sponsoring), mainly for small or non for profit organizations have been cut back, frozen or been linked to specific conditions for support. International projects have been affected as well. Confirmed project plans with signed contracts, guided with the commitments of financial support from German foundations are being canceled without any further notice.

blog: http://arttransponder.blogspot.com/2009/05/normal-0-21-false-false-false_20.html#comments


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Article: Labour’s new lost generation

Labour’s new lost generation
The downturn spells misery for university leavers as the opportunities dry up

The Sunday Times
April 26, 2009
Kate Walsh

“Putting on the charcoal grey suit and white shirt felt like a small victory for Daniel. With his mother’s help – sartorial and financial – the 21-year-old graduate made the purchase at John Lewis last October.

His mum insisted on spending a bit more for quality. She expected he would be wearing the suit for interviews and, of course, when he started work.

The suit got a much needed airing last Thursday when Daniel had a job interview – his second since graduating last summer.

He is just one of the thousands of young people who graduated last year only to find the recession corroding their job prospects. Fears of a lost generation are now becoming a reality as the number of unemployed college-leavers rises and the once bountiful graduate job market dries up.”


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