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Survey: Recession Impacts

AQ’s 4th Recession Impacts Survey: now live
11th August – 19th September 2011

Following the publication of its three reports on the impacts of the recession on the cultural sector in 2009 and 2010, Arts Quarter is repeating its online survey a year on from conducting its third such survey in order to continue to plot the ongoing affects of the current economic climate on the arts.

Some 500 organisations took part in our last such survey and we hope that many more will do so this time in order to send a clear message to key decision makers about the current state of the sector, the implications of two waves of cuts in subsidy, falls in Local Authority support and the ongoing affects of the slow progression out of the economic downturn of the last three years.

Above all, this Survey seeks to provide an opportunity for arts organisations throughout the UK to benchmark their fundraising and wider income generation performance against their peers within their artforms and regions.

This year’s survey will also seek to gather reactions to the range of initiatives announced by DCMS, ACE and HLF to boost philanthropy, following on from AQ’s Philanthropy in the Arts Consultation conducted and published in March.

The findings of this Survey will be published free of charge in October 2011.

Arts organisations may take part in this research project by clicking here

Copies of the 2010 Report may be requested by clicking here


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Art: We Don’t Use the Word ‘Recession’ by Superflex


Ireland is entering into a new era since the predicable but untimely death of the Celtic Tiger economy, once lauded as the fastest growing economy in the world. This great Celtic-Tiger economy driven by liberal bank regulation, bad political governance and a reliance on speculative property development led house prices in Ireland to rise by almost 520% in 15 years. Now the Irish GDP is shrinking faster than in any other advanced economy. The average Irish family has lost half its financial assets and unemployment has risen faster than anywhere else in Europe. Ireland have moved from the poster child of the globalised free-market to one of the great European basket cases, as an Irish economic commentator was recently quoted as saying.

For the Midsummer Festival in Cork, Ireland, Superflex has made a new artwork “Today we do not use the word ‘Recession'” that invites all the citizens of the city te involved. Superflex encouraged The Lord Mayor Cllr. Dara Murphy to bring a proposal to the city council that would ban the use of the word ‘Recession’ in the city of Cork. Out of this came a decree advocating that for one day, on June 17th 2010, the citizens should refrain from using the word ‘Recession’. The Decree states:




Through the power of positive thought and collective action, Lord Mayor Cllr. Dara Murphy decrees that for one day, to lift ourselves out of the doom and gloom the citizens of Cork should refrain from using the word


The citizens of Cork are invited to join with the Lord Mayor in the collective ambition to help drive Cork out of recession and into recovery from this day forward. To kickstart this recovery the lord mayor requests on Thursday 17th June, 2010, that the people of Cork shall in all public utterances, statements and communications, replace the word ‘recession’ with alternative words or phrases. Citizens are asked to create their own new alternatives, thus contributing to re-imagining the future of the City of Cork. And so recommend to the people of Cork under the Common Seal of the Lord Mayor.


The decree will be announced through a week long publicity campaign in newspapers, radio, TV and through posters in the streets. ‘Today we don’t use the word Recesssion’ is commissioned by the National Sculpture Factory and Cork Midsummer Festival.


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Link: Architecture + the Recession

Articles on how the recession is affecting architects: including stories, survival guides and stats.


Recession Stories:

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Digital Archive

The End of Something is a critical archival project that brings together reflections, ideas, and experiences of the global crisis from varied perspectives and opinions. It is a project that attempts to approach an idea of a rather complex time. TEOS is a digital archive as well as physical archive (situated at Volume, in South East London) for Summer 2009. This site is serves as the Digital Archive where contents will be updated and available.

HOW TO USE: To use the site use the Search (on the right hand column) or the Categories and Tags to view materials in the archive. The archive has been organized by object (articles, links, film/video, images..) and by Subject and by Location (all countries + London). Contributions are blogged as we receive them.

Contributions for Sound of Ebb can be view here: https://theendofsomething.wordpress.com/category/sound-of-ebb/

Call for Contribution !

*** Tell a story or anecdote or take a photo about the changes you notice in everyday life and people within your social context in light of the current crisis. *** please indicate your name, geographic location and send responses to: teos.project (a) gmail.com

  • If the World came to an end how would you imagine picking up the pieces and starting over?
  • What is the best thing about having less work, less money and more time? How would you best spend your (Free) time?

We are open for contribution for:
1. Personal reflections/stories (or responses to the above questions)
2. Web links to articles/texts, documents/publications/press releases/statements for film/artworks or events/exhibitions/conferences on the global crisis

All submissions will be uploaded to online and exhibited at Volume during August 2009. The End of Something is a non-profit independent initiative.

Please email responses to: teos.project@gmail.com
Include your name, location and details/description of the submission. If you are submitting any personal creative content, please specify if you have any terms of usage or creative license you would like to apply. i.e. Creative Commons

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