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Event: the crisis of capitalism and the problem of the self

-資本主義危機中的個體|the crisis of capitalism and the problem of the self
aco_books: 1/F, FooTak Bldg, 365 Hennessy Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong
3 – 5pm, 18 July 2009 (Saturday)
host ﹕小西 (damian cheng)
speakers ﹕許煜、亞蘇 (yuk hui, ah-so)

“There is no way to argue against the fact that capitalism is in crisis, while the trauma is veiled under what is called “the malfunction of finance market”, which nevertheless prophets its return. the determination of economic individuals under the name neoliberalism comes to the end and presents us the urgency to look for alternatives. while it is hard to criticize the concept of the market as a whole since it remains undetermined in lights of the catastrophes yet to overcome.

A critique has to dwell on its own history and necessity, that is to say to look beyond the contingency of dogmatics. economic determinism poses a huge problem for Hong Kong than anywhere else because of its adoption of industrial modernization and postcolonial background, the consequence reflects not only in economy and politics, but also the problem of the self, a subject which is not able to singularize and produce meaning, a subject which demands a philosophical consolation and reinvention.”


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