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Sound of Ebb: Crisis, What Crisis?

Name: Carl Max
Location: London, UK.
Title: Crisis – What Crisis?
Year created: 2009
Creative Commons license: Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0

There is an old Buddhist adage that says;
“Before great good, comes great evil”
The impetus for creating this piece are the conflicting voices and sounds of the media (radio/TV/newspapers), and metropolitan life during this recessionary period.

I was also interested in the confusion between certain news bulletins, human anger, individual hopelessness and the confused cacophony emanating from city streets in England and in The USA.

The contrast between the sounds of impending doom coupled with an underlying sense of a potentially positive future are melancholic, strong and sometimes even funny.


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Sound of Ebb: dressler

Name: élansson and H.O.P.E.
Location: Athens – Greece, Metropolitana de Santiago Chile

Title: dressler

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Sound of Ebb: bubbles (above- and sub-surface)

Name: Melissa Grey
Location: NY, NY

Title: bubbles (above- and sub-surface)
Duration: 1:04
Year created: 2009
License: No restrictions on usage

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Sound of Ebb: Ninth

Name: Daniel Mason
Location: London

Title: Ninth
The basis for my piece is the following days/weeks after the global recession hit. It was a time for recriminations, when the majority of banker were hate figures. I wanted to capture their feeling of hopelessness they must have felt and above all the feeling that the gravy train had ended, it was the death of the party. My piece captures the mood that the good times have ended. It uses a sample taken from a public train announcement, keeping only the words ‘i am very sorry’ evoking the commuters going to work and the feeling they must have had. They were alone and blamed by the world, an unimaginable situation.

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Sound of Ebb: Capitalism is an empty factory

Name: Obsil (Giulio Aldinucci)
Location: Siena (Italy)

Title: Capitalism is an empty factory
This composition can be described as an imaginary (and cerebral) soundscape of the life inside one of the factories that are going to close in Italy (…in Europe, in the World). In other words, as an enormous empty space where just some of the machines are in function; a sort of desert where the human and machine sounds jumble up like gloomy mirages.

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Sound of Ebb: Respire1(Aynohaynieye)

Name: Kevin Medal
Location: Brooklyn, NY

Title: Respire1(Aynohaynieye)
From an individual’s perspective, Respire1(Aynohaynieye)is similar to a therapeutic release (or) exercise in the cyclical act of purging ones desire of controlling uncontrollable factors in modern life and in a time of recession. It is a personal response that leads back to an inward state, perhaps wordless, culminating in the dissolution of the self, or “I” and ends in a kind of spiritual renewal; a cycle that repeats.. 1x 2x 3x..and so on adinfinitum.

The title “Aynohaynieye” is reference to a kind of void and to the phrase “Ex nihilo nihil fit”(Latin for “Nothing comes from Nothing”)

In Spanish, “Ay” means to “sigh”..”No Hay” means “There is none” “ni eye” means ” Nor is there “eye” (or I). Eye stands for I as “me” the individual or it can signify your “eye” which “sees”, symbolic of renewel, spirit, etc.

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Sound of Ebb: alerta(!)

Name: jwinderl [mikrokiko]
Location: Munich, Germany

Title: alerta(!)
<> is a digitally reconstructed warn-signal.
it inofficially rings the alarm and raises
the awareness of where to draw the line between world trade
and world hunger.

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