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Video: Noam Chomsky on “Crisis and Hope: Theirs and Ours”

Noam Chomsky on “Crisis and Hope: Theirs and Ours”
3 July 2009
Chomsky-double-web, Democracy Now

“Noam Chomsky, the MIT professor, author and dissident intellectual, just turned eighty years old this past December. He has written over 100 books, but despite being called “the most important intellectual alive” by the New York Times, he is rarely heard in the corporate media. We spend the hour with Noam Chomsky. He spoke recently here in New York at an event sponsored by the Brecht Forum. More than 2,000 people packed into Riverside Church in Harlem to hear his address, titled “Crisis and Hope: Theirs and Ours.” In his talk, Chomsky discussed the global economic crisis, the environment, wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan, resistance to American empire and much more.”


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Video: Charts Music – Songsmith fed with Stock Charts

Charts Music – Songsmith fed with Stock Charts
Johannes Kreidler
Berlin, Germany

Submitted by: Johannes Kreidler

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Video: Chris Harman: The Crisis Now

Chris Harman: The Crisis Now

Marxism 2009, Bloomsbury, 5 July 2009

contributed by SWP

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Video: David Harvey: The Crisis Now

David Harvey: The Crisis Now

Marxism 2009, Bloomsbury, 5 July 2009

contributed by SWP

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Event: World-Information City / Paris

World-Information City / Paris
Urban In/visibility, Access and Zoning

Conference: 30/31 May 2009

Speaker: John Urry from Centre for Mobilities Research, Lancaster University

Mobility Futures
“This paper examines a range of future possible scenarios as to the character, scale and significance of mobility patterns. These scenarios are examined within an emerging era which may well be characterized by dramatic climate change, the peaking of oil supplies and potential tipping points. The paper will address the question as to whether the period of high and growing mobility especially during the C20th was actually only a brief interlude in the longer term processes of human history.”






photos submitted by: Nicolas Sauret

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Link: The Recess Ends

Stories of recession in the US. Video documentary/blog.

“Filmmakers Brian and Austin Chu of San Francisco began a three month journey across the continental United States in search of personal stories about greatest economic meltdown since the Great Depression. Their new documentary film project entitled “The Recess Ends” will focus on individual narratives from all classes of society that highlight core American values.”

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Film: Crisis in the Credit System

Crisis in the Credit System
by Melanie Gilligan

commissioned by Art Angel, October 2008

“Crisis in the Credit System is a fictional foray into contemporary global market catastrophe, scripted and directed by artist Melanie Gilligan. A major investment bank runs a brainstorming and role-playing session for its employees, asking them to come up with strategies for coping with today’s dangerous financial climate. While diligently pursuing this task, five individuals inadvertently role-play their way into bizarre make-believe scenarios forming disturbing conclusions about the deeper significance of the credit crisis and its effects beyond the world of finance.”

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