Name: Fabio Coruzzi
Location: London

[My name is Fabio Coruzzi , London based artist/printmaker, this is the sound of Recession that I want to submit. The only problem, it’s the file, I don’t know how to convert on AIFF or WAV format. The format I submitted plays on quicktime software. It has been recorded from a hidden mobile phone, it was the only available device because I was in the middle of nowhere in South Italy, in a 30 inhabitants village with no internet or phones..]

The sound of recession came up in a hot afternoon , in the middle of an Italian summer,.

Outside were 42 degrees and people were trying to relax and think about the nothingness, I was reading a newspaper, it was talking about recession and economic downturn. Just words after words, adding shambles to global chaos.

While I was thinking about in what kind of boat the world will sink,a friend of mine, a carpenter, decided that was it. He said: I don’t give a damn about, I don’t even know what you are talking about, I am just a worker with the a level, nothing more, you know what? I’ll go to have a shower to refresh myself and take a nap afterwards.

So I went to record his “indifference” about this world made of numbers, theories and phobias. He was incarnating the common sense through the hot environment of South Italy. He was singing while taking shower, because singing brings good mood and optimism…..

That was the sound of recession, a big interrupting noise followed by singing songs under a refreshing shower.

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One response to “Sound of Ebb: F…K RECESSION, I’LL TAKE A SHOWER.

  1. wow … is online … neomelodic vs recession !!!!
    😉 tarantapower !!!

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