Workshop: Self-Evacuation for Londoners






Self Evacuation for Londoners
w/ Caspar Below (independent artist)
August 28th @ Volume, 8pm

In his presentation and workshop on self-evacuation for Londoners, Caspar Below will try to find out whether there are alternatives to authority-led evacuations in urban emergencies.

In his brief presentation Caspar will give examples of urban evacuations in recent history and outline the current plans for London.

This will be followed by a workshop where we will discuss different scenarios for London, as well as the option to take evacuation into our own hands. Time permitting we will carry out some practical exercises.

Caspar Below is an artist with an explorative interest in local histories, urban fault lines and relationships between communities and hierarchies.

Previous projects have involved audiences in re-enacting crowd control, finding new parent memories for orphaned family photos and answering a multitude of enquiries via text message as the SMS Oracle.

He set up pirate radio broadcasts in a Northern Irish village and used secret filming to map the no-go “aura” of governmental buildings by stepping into its sensitive zones. More recently he collected bad advice and disposed of them in a series of cleansing rituals.

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