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Art: Untitled New York

Sydney Hart
NY, USA / Canada
“Untitled New York”, 2009

“Untitled New York” (work in progress) is an ongoing series of photographs exploring the urban fabric of NYC and how its citizens relate to it, from the time I moved to the city in February 2009 to the present. I was interested in documenting the ruptures in an otherwise hyper-efficient network of grids and lines of mass transit; the organic interventions that anonymously comment on the status of these systems, with hints (that may fall on deaf municipal ears) as to how they should be improved. Having moved here in the midst of the economic crisis, I projected the state of the infrastructure as contingent on the self-made financial crisis of Wall st, on the expenses and budgeting of this financial hub now hit at its centre. The disruptions in the urban fabric (caused directly or indirectly by human intervention) were interesting to me as comments on the urban infrastructure’s use, from the people who use it, through indifference, neglect, transgression or facetiousness. In Bushwick, fire hydrants (in parts of Brooklyn called “johnny pumps”) were breached open, flooding the vicinity and making an island of a nearby Mercedes. In the same area, parked cars were used to block off traffic on Sundays, leaving locals the luxury of hanging a huge volley-ball net across two trees, with speaker piles in the middle of the street providing the soundtrack. Do these instances reflect a lapse in municipal amenities? Are the inhabitants of Bushwick merely filling in the gaps of the government’s neglect? Or are they -like the inconspicuous interventions into the grid of the subway with overtly domestic and personal items- necessarily personal and anonymous acts of generosity?”







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Article / Publication: Rescue Plan

FRAMEWORK Issue 10 June´09

Framework: The Finnish Art Review
– a bi-annual magazine.

Rescue Plan
In the cover image the sculptor, performance artist and cattle keeper Miina Äkkijyrkkä guides her cattle through the forest. Her personal conflict with authorities merges together with the uncertain destiny of the endangered native cattle breed of which there are only a few members left. Her experiences have caused personal uncertainty and helplessness in a situation where she literally has to ask: Where can we go?

Similarly, the prospects concerning the future of the global society merge together with the ongoing financial crisis, the fastening climate change and its impact on the global environment. Even if the consequences of the current developments are still unknown and unfurling, they can already prove that science or technological development do not alone lead to real development and welfare – on the contrary, the course of events may take quite an opposite direction. If the ’world balance’ can only depend on economic growth, how do we rescue the home for the human race?

Keeping the demise of neoliberal ideology in mind, the contributors in Locating have been asked to sketch out alternative starting points for today’s economic, political and aesthetic practices and draft outlines for alternative models. Among writers are Chuck Dyke, Michel Bauwens, David Elliott, Miina Äkkijyrkkä, Ásmundur Ásmundsson, Antoanetta Ivanova, Kim Levin, Elena Sorkina & Oliver Ressler, Morten Goll & Joachim Hamou & Tone Olaf Nielsen, and Marita Muukkonen & HeHe.

The magazine provides a wider context for Jussi Kivi’s Fire & Rescue Museum at Finnish Pavilion in 53rd Venice Biennale. In Focus Sven Spieker and Jonni Roos examine this artistic case study which has its origin in the artist’s long-standing passionate interest in everything that relates to firefighting. The collection was brought out of confinement and transformed to communicate new meanings after the artist’s accidental encounter with an underground nuclear bomb shelter constructed by the Soviet army in eastern Estonia. Artefacts of heroism are mirrored against the Soviet-time propagandist information boards and posters that give instructions on civil defence and firefighting procedures before and after a nuclear fallout. Childhood adoration for rescuers turns out to be a thin dream when it is faced with the threat of massive destruction.
The Finnish artists reviewed in Features are: Jan-Erik Andersson, Sasha Huber, Antti Laitinen, and Jani Ruscica. Their projects presented have been transgressing established boundaries that guide and control current conditions of artistic production.

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Sound of Ebb: Ninth

Name: Daniel Mason
Location: London

Title: Ninth
The basis for my piece is the following days/weeks after the global recession hit. It was a time for recriminations, when the majority of banker were hate figures. I wanted to capture their feeling of hopelessness they must have felt and above all the feeling that the gravy train had ended, it was the death of the party. My piece captures the mood that the good times have ended. It uses a sample taken from a public train announcement, keeping only the words ‘i am very sorry’ evoking the commuters going to work and the feeling they must have had. They were alone and blamed by the world, an unimaginable situation.

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Sound of Ebb: Capitalism is an empty factory

Name: Obsil (Giulio Aldinucci)
Location: Siena (Italy)

Title: Capitalism is an empty factory
This composition can be described as an imaginary (and cerebral) soundscape of the life inside one of the factories that are going to close in Italy (…in Europe, in the World). In other words, as an enormous empty space where just some of the machines are in function; a sort of desert where the human and machine sounds jumble up like gloomy mirages.

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Event: Object Swap 28.08.09 @ Volume

object swap flyer

Thanks to: Olivia Hegarty + The Centre of the Universe

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Workshop w/ Jennie Savage 15.08.09 @ Volume






Nutopia workshop w/ Jennie Savage
August 15th, 2009@ Volume, 3pm

As cities become architecturally homogenised, “Nutopia” will ask, “What and where are our new Utopias?”

“Nutopia” follows a symposium of the same name organised by Jennie Savage as part of her project “The Arcades Project: A 3D Documentary” ( This workshop/ event proposes to develop and extend her investigation referencing ideas raised during the symposium and inviting people to work together collectively in a workshop style format to ask; what could be the “Utopia’s” of the 21c, how do we find them in architectural environments and potentially to critique the very idea of Utopian dreaming and suggest alternative terms or references.

The event will invite people to explore and question the idea that city centres are constructed as spaces of consumption and designed as areas with potential for economic growth; the redevelopment and ownership of cities by global corporations; the language of regeneration – place as a perceptual landscape informed by linguistic architecture; tensions between resistance and commodification and the possibility to reclaim cities and make visible non-economic exchange as a valuable part of our lives and communities.

During the event we will try to bring together, suggest and develop ideas and practices which may help to reclaim these spaces as human places.

Jennie Savage is an artist whose work explores the places between public spaces, town planning, constructed landscapes and the human story; the lived lives and personal narratives connected to those sites. Working through a process that uses archiving and intervention she seeks to map the other life of a place or community in order to reveal a complex situation, a micro- structure or simply document an unheard voice. She has worked extensively in the UK and internationally.

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Event: Age of Stupid

Upcoming screening event: Age of Stupid

22nd August 2009, 8pm
On the roof of the Bootstrap building in Dalston – backdropped by the largest solar panel installation in London.
FREE in, popcorn and cheap bar.

Entrance to roof through reception (beside Cafe Oto)
The Print House
18 Ashwin St
London E8 3DL

The movie is about climate change. A man living alone in the devastated world of 2055, looks back at “archive” footage from 2007 and asks: why didn’t we do something when we had the chance?

more info here:

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Article: It’s Become Our Crisis

It’s Become Our Crisis
Kirsten Forkert
Mute Magazine
July 2009

“Already faced with cuts before the crisis, education now looks to be one of the sectors hardest hit, and not merely financially. Kirsten Forkert looks at the current conflict in higher education and the difficulties faced by those trying to protect it”

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Sound of Ebb: Respire1(Aynohaynieye)

Name: Kevin Medal
Location: Brooklyn, NY

Title: Respire1(Aynohaynieye)
From an individual’s perspective, Respire1(Aynohaynieye)is similar to a therapeutic release (or) exercise in the cyclical act of purging ones desire of controlling uncontrollable factors in modern life and in a time of recession. It is a personal response that leads back to an inward state, perhaps wordless, culminating in the dissolution of the self, or “I” and ends in a kind of spiritual renewal; a cycle that repeats.. 1x 2x 3x..and so on adinfinitum.

The title “Aynohaynieye” is reference to a kind of void and to the phrase “Ex nihilo nihil fit”(Latin for “Nothing comes from Nothing”)

In Spanish, “Ay” means to “sigh”..”No Hay” means “There is none” “ni eye” means ” Nor is there “eye” (or I). Eye stands for I as “me” the individual or it can signify your “eye” which “sees”, symbolic of renewel, spirit, etc.

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Sound of Ebb: alerta(!)

Name: jwinderl [mikrokiko]
Location: Munich, Germany

Title: alerta(!)
<> is a digitally reconstructed warn-signal.
it inofficially rings the alarm and raises
the awareness of where to draw the line between world trade
and world hunger.

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