Sound of Ebb: Online Dating During the Global Crisis

Name: Todd Broomhead
Location: New York, USA

Title and Description:
“Online Dating During the Global Crisis” shows what happens when the “global crisis” starts affecting “the dating scene.” That is all I will write, because I think it would be best to allow the voices in the piece to speak for themselves.


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One response to “Sound of Ebb: Online Dating During the Global Crisis

  1. russell lambert

    Hi Carl
    That was very impressive as a soundscape. I particularly enjoyed the beginning utilising just sounds and the familiar big ben bells all with effective slight distortionand the news caster voice which i daresay was you. This conjured up an atmosphere of confusion, despair lack of control and devastation. The music also ominous and the sound of the drums which had a kind of a military feel all added to the sensation of an eerie future coupled with mayhem and insecurity.
    Well done indeed. I’m sorry i wrote another commentary which got deleted unfortunately.

    I think you deserve the first prize.
    Hope you are well and speak soon.
    Love and eerie sound

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