Sound of Ebb: Shatter

Name: GX Jupitter-Larsen
Location: A recycling center in Hollywood California, USA

Title: Shatter

The homeless are having a more difficult time finding recyclables in the residential trash of the middle class. The once affluent professionals, skilled laborers, and middle management types are all now selling glass and cans to local recycling centers themselves. Since these days, every penny counts…


Filed under Sound of Ebb, United States

2 responses to “Sound of Ebb: Shatter

  1. szczelkuns

    Hi there Mr Jupitter-Larsen man I remember you from the Mail-art days of the Eighties. You were producing some of the wierdest and most far out things on the IPAN I seem to remember.
    Good to see you hear.

  2. Carl Max

    I really like this a lot – it sounds a lot like windchimes that are depressed and are having a very unhappy day. It is also very musicsl which is good for me. Thank you.

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